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There is no meaning to life, except what we give it.


Hello Monday,

It’s the beginning of the week and you will go through some divine connection throughout this week. I remember my life when it felt grey, rather meaningless. I, like many others, had to hit that rock bottom where I just could not continue with my life the way it was. Something had to change.

Cancer was not going to control my life; I remember clearly the moment that I swore: “My life has got to change”.

In that moment of prayer and research, a new path came into my life. Curious at first, confused in the middle, and of course now knowing that there really is no end, I embarked on a journey of spiritual healing which has unfolded over the last ten years. I learned through experience about the power of intention. By asking simply for the feelings that I wanted, presto, it came to be! Every single time.

How come? There is a greater power that swings into action when we ask for healing and for our lives to change. It is waiting for us to ask and invite it in.

This power swung into action and people came into my life that changed and inspired me.

Like Dan and I, we are all divinely connected. We all have the power to manifest.

It’s up to us to unleash that power within us and open ourselves up to the richer experiences that life has in store for us. Moving along a path where we learn to dance with life, go with the flow of our human existence, and most of all feel connected and supported by that greater power around us God, Oneness, Spirit, the Universe, whatever your name for it may be.


Good morning Monday🐦 every new day begins with possibilities. Have an amazing day 🦋#inspiration#motivation#allthingsarepossible

I have moved far away from my life for seven years to Mexico. Life is beautiful now. It has been enrichened with experiences and magic by tapping into the realm of energy that we are connected to. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, there are signs that should remind you that you are, indeed, divinely connected.

The moments of meaningful coincidence, or as we often say, the stuff you just can't make up! There you are thinking about someone, and the next thing you know, you get a call from them or bump into them on the street. Nothing is by accident. It’s the higher organizing power making it a reality. I love the magical power of synchronicities, particularly when you need help with something or information and poof! There it pops onto your I-PHONE showing you the way.

Refraction and reflection of the sun’s rays in drops of rain. I guess there have always been rainbows since the beginning of time and when they appear, they can be seen by everyone. But does everyone notice their existence? In our busy lives we may indeed miss them. The more present we are with the beauty of the world around us, the more connected we are in nature, the more of the rainbow we are going to notice and remember. Rainbows, like chakras, become more alive and vivid as you open your connection with the divine.

Sometimes the numbers will be more prevalent for a few days or a week, and then a different sequence will become more obvious. These angel numbers as they are known, simply remind me that there is more to life than just our human form, they are messages that we need to become quiet to hear.

Money, like everything else, is energy. We can use it as a measure of our vibration. Money showing up unexpectedly or in a way that we did not predict, demonstrates the infinite organizing power of the universe.

Often, part of our growth means parting ways with friends and connections that we had in our life. It’s simply the change in vibration that means we don’t fit in where we used to before. The move away from what we had in our lives is meant to move us towards what will support our growth going forward. It can feel messy in the middle, just before the new change appears.

We are divinely connected and supported in these changes and transitions. What no longer serves us will appear less in our lives as the new comes in, supporting our vibration and growth.

So, as this week continues focus on these signs and you will see your divine connection.

Divine is all Love in its essential nature, and Love is all Divine in its truthful expression. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Continuing blogging on INFORMATION FROM THE CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY CONVENTION OF 2017 with vitamins and minerals. Dan and I truly can say that attending this convention was a divine connection, for we met professionals that taught us so much and inspired us to keep on the right track. Today I’m going to blog about another product, Radiant Greens.

Radiant Greens is a powerful non-GMO superfood formulation of organically green grasses and vegetables. Blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs and antioxidants.

Radiant Greens is naturally alkaline helping to balance your body pH, while providing you with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant proteins you need for proper cell regeneration.

66% reduction in cancer when one consumes 5-7 servings of greens daily.

20% reduction in stroke when green food is a part of a sensible diet.

20% reduction in heart attacks when green food is a part of a sensible diet.

Let’s take a closer look at radiant greens; barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, non-dairy probiotic cultures are all packed with nutrients that strengthen our immune system and neutralize toxins.

Radiant Greens are a return to the food chain basics, generally organically grown in a chemical free environment and sprayed-dried rather than heat-dried to preserve vital enzyme activity. Concentrated, nutrient rich food powders are mixed with water or juice and consumed in liquid form.

Barley grass and wheat grass are good for those who don’t get enough greens into their diet.

Dr. Howard Lutz, director of the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Washington, said “Barley grass improves stamina, clarity of thought, and reduces addiction to things that are bad for you. It improves the texture of the skin and heals the dryness associated with aging.”

Barley juice powder contains four times more vitamin B than whole wheat flour and thirty times more than milk, three times more vitamin C than spinach, seven times more than oranges, and five times more iron than liver.

Wheat grass juice powder is one of nature’s best sources of iron, fiber, zinc, chlorophyll, vitamins A, C and K and has a total of 90 minerals in all. It has a greater percentage of protein than eggs. Wheat grass is a valuable source of beta-carotene which is converted by the body to vitamin A on command.

A 1982 National Academy of Sciences report entitled “Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Status”, reported that Epidemiological research is sufficient to suggest that foods rich in carotene are associated with a 66% reduction in cancer (source USDA), when we eat 6 servings of greens daily.

Spirulina contains beta-carotene with ten times the concentration found in carrots. High doses of vitamin A may be toxic, but the beta-carotene in spirulina and other vegetables are safe because the body only converts to vitamin A as needed. Beta-carotene also works with lecithin to maintain the body’s mucous membranes. These membranes are the first lines of defense in the nostrils, mouth and cervix against viruses, bacteria, allergens and toxic chemicals.

Another sensational green supplemental food is the small, one cell green fresh water algae, Chlorella. It is eaten widely in Japan, where it is used to protect against radiation and highly toxic air pollution. Chlorella has been on the earth over 2.5 billion years. Scientists say that chlorella has survived in modern times due to its inherent ability to effectively repair its own DNA. In ideal environments, chlorella multiplies quickly-quadrupling itself every 17 to 20 hours. It has nearly twice the protein of soy and eight times that of rice, an astonishing twenty times the amount of chlorophyll content of alfalfa, nearly ten times that of spirulina, and eight times that of wheat grass.

Scientific studies have found that chlorella helps to detoxify the body of such pollutants as heavy metals and pesticides.

Chlorophyll is a highly recommended health food in its own right. It is a major league detoxifying and deodorizing agent in the mouth, colon, stomach and individual cells.

We must not forget non-dairy pro-biotic-cultures. These beneficial lactobacilli restore a balance of necessary micro-flora for a healthy colon, they improve immune function by implanting friendly bacteria along the gastrointestinal tract lining.

They also digest sugar, assimilate vitamins, make minerals more available and reduce the number of harmful bacteria. By eliminating putrefying bacteria in the throat, mouth and tongue, these beneficial lactobacilli help prevent halitosis or bad breath.


There is a divine purpose behind everything - and therefore a divine presence in everything. Neale Donald Walsch

Monday | 1 Mega Mile | At Home Workouts

Are you ready to Walk today? Lace up those shoes and have some water nearby! You will feel so GOOD after this FAST 1 MEGA mile workout! Let’s WALK everybody!

Until tomorrow, we are divine enough to ask and we are important enough to receive.


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