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Today I would like to talk about a subject that is always thrown under the bus, literally speaking. Every chronic disease, by all scientific research starts with the gut. What we fuel our bodies depends on how we feel and act. The number one question is. Do we all get enough nutrition to keep our bodies healthy? Per the USDA (The United States Dept of Agriculture) states that everyone should get between 8 to 10 bowls of fruit and vegetables each day. DO YOU GET THIS MANY? Most people are living the fast life and are on the go.

We all have done it, fast foods. What nutrition is in a MacDonald happy meal or even a super-size meal? What about Domino’s or Taco Bell. I can go on, but I will stop at that.

I have been a health nut for seven years, since I found out that December day that I was struck with cancer. Not knowing what may have caused it, I decided to research and make it my calling to do alternative treatments and learned that it is also a lifestyle change.

We have to realize, that our bodies not just need fuel to keep our cells healthy, but we also need a clear mind and keep our bones functioning (meditation and exercise). It’s all about prevention.

Doctors, no fault of themselves are not trained in the most important part of keeping healthy and that is nutrition. So, I have been taking this infused seed supplement that is all natural, cold pressed and easy to take during the day. IT IS SOUL AND CORE. One is an immune booster and the other is to detox you.

Also, next time you stop before or after you go to work or even before you take your child to baseball, football, cheerleader practice and etc. Then perhaps even eat at a fast food restaurant, remember this is what fuels a sick body.

SHAKE, PEEL AND DRINK, its that easy and can save you the costs of your visits to the doctor.

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