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Every October I look forward to Dan’s birthday and Halloween. This month is also my father’s birthday and each October 22nd I honor him for he passed on at the age of 42 of cancer. It also is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has so much meaning to me for I was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 in a half years ago.

Every where I look and even on TV, I am reminded of this for it is being posted all over the place. I am angry over the fact that there is not a lot of education being done on prevention and ways of treatment that does not cause side effects. The treatments that are given that are FDA approved are the same types of causes that started the cause. We are not going to the root of the problem.

I almost eight years ago searched along with Dan for other methods of treatments, which found us in Mexico. Looking back, I am very humble that I had the resources and found the proper doctors that educated me on how to find the root (the cause). I had treatment other than surgery, chemo or radiation. I was taught how to change my lifestyle by working around the environment that is destroying our bodies.

So, with the knowledge I have gained I try to spread so others may have the opportunity that is facing cancer or any other autoimmune diseases. It’s much more than having treatment, it’s a lifestyle change


I wish, that someday Breast Cancer Awareness Month will raise money for the race of knowledge and education on the root and how not to get this disease.

Now, its November the month of Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for, starting with two doctors that remind me every day that through their education I am still here today. Thank you, Dr. Perez and Dr Garcia, for giving me not only the treatment, but the knowledge. Vera Lopez for the blessings and the procedure of hyperthermia.

I also thank Dan and Danielle for believing in my choices and standing by me.

I can not stress how important it is for one to research before making a decision that may be a life threating choice. Its your body, so its up to you to make the right decision for you. I have a website that have not only my story, but Dan’s for he received the same treatments five years ago for he was diagnosed also with cancer. Both of us have managed our cancer and are cancer free.

Also, the website has the different types of treatments that do not have side effects along with our life style change to prevent cancer. Free knowledge.

Welcome November.

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