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Listening happens to be a key strength of good communicators.

Its Wednesday,

Wow, time flies by so fast, we are at the end of Dan’s treatments. We are going to be leaving in one more day. Can’t wait to get back to the new norm! I know Heckle will be happy to see us.

Everyday this week and last I associated a word with Dan’s treatments in Mexico.

Today its Listening. I spoke with our Doctor, Dr. Garcia and asked if I can interview him regarding the treatments that he has treated us for the past ten years. I thought, how great it would be to hear from him personally.

So, today I’m dedicating this piece to Dr. Garcia for without him we would not have the knowledge and quality of life we are living.

The peak

The mystery

Of climbing to

The top brings glory

To my soul with the spirits

That echoes through the music

Of compassion.


We have listened to him and are very humble to know and follow his work.

Listening is defined as to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing; give an ear. Listen with curiosity.

Speak with honesty.

Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.

Dr. Garcia is not just a passionate doctor, we got to know him personally and this piece written Tuesday, June 28, 2011, tells an inspiring story of another passion he has.


As my treatment is coming to an end, I thought this would be an interesting piece to read. When you go to your doctor and find out that he just came back from climbing Mount Mckinley in Alaska I said what!! Well, it happened to me! It’s an amazing thing to hear what passion your doctor has for healing people and also climbing. See attached article that was in the local Mexican paper, of course I translated to English.

Another successful test

Anaya said this was the first expedition of great magnitude since an amputation of six toes freezing in his ascent of Mount Everest, it also represented the fourth of the seven highest summits per continent. The lawyer had a thorn in the McKinley climb, and found a good partner in Dr. Juan García de León.

Carlos Aguirre Barajas

Smooth freezing or inclement weather, Ignacio Anaya and Juan Manuel Garcia de Leon successfully completed the expedition to Mount McKinley in Alaska, the coldest mountain in the world. They were fortunate to get to the summit on a windless day, but with an unfortunate encounter with death.

"Fortunately, I went with a doctor healthy, knew about a guarantee from people who know the environment and the problems that may arise, and know how to identify symptoms of health problems," said Anaya.

Garcia de Leon is not new to climbing, he has 21 years of practice, but found no companion for an expedition like this, until he received an invitation from Anaya.

"I have the condition with Ignacio, but I have strength for long walks," said the doctor, "what I did was soak up information and discuss the route we were going to rise, based on that you start training, data as graphs of calories, workouts, exercise bike, gym, walking up and load the weight Rumorosa in walks five to six hours and twenty or thirty kilos in the backpack to go to strengthen the ankles, "he said.


Happy hump day🦋 The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moment s of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy. Have a great day🏖️

After five months of planning and training, departed on May 27 where the mercury recorded temperatures of 35 degrees below zero. Ignatius did not hesitate to take precautions, used new shoes, locals recommend using neoprene coating and used four pairs of socks. To promote circulation, consumed garlic.

West Buttress route taken, a path with the presence of rangers and the busiest in the absence of potentially dangerous technical steps

"Although it has two exposed areas such as Denali Pass and the area of cracks between the camp and the camp two and three, we chose the route to be more defined, not to be so far away, as in other routes. Also, to enjoy beautiful landscapes, "said Anaya.

The Baja California had no problems, however, there though witnessed a death.

Brian Young, a businessman originally from Alaska, was on an expedition that was aborted by the leader's health problems Young decided to continue without his group and joined Garcia de Leon and Anaya. He accepted the pace of Mexicans to pursue his dream of 25 years, to climb McKinley. García de León, being a physician, noticed some signs that something was wrong.

He left the bag on a flat surface to rest and said returning to base camp to swim in the hotel, and consistency was not what he said.

"I began to question, asked him what was his name, the names of his sons and he said everything which was apparently normal," said Dr. García de León, "later I thought he was hesitating,' then I did not know if it was true. We decided to go and half of the slope staggered. "

They decided to use protective ropes and calm to talk and see the welfare of Young, reaching the summit at 1:40 am, in a world where it is quite dark and the sun is seen as if it was the sunset. After taking photos of fact, Young had been vomiting and that was credited to energy drinks that was consuming. On the descent down three times, the string saved him from death by accident at Denali Pass.

Returning to Camp Five, time had passed 18 hours of walking, and they came to rest in separate tents. Young, who was installed along with some boys, suffered breathing problems and died. Yet after the body was down when Anaya and Dr. Garcia de Leon departed, they had to break the news to the family.

"It is understood that in this sport it often happens, many people will not come back, sometimes by a simple accident. I was aware there was a risk, we never imagined this would happen, it is amazing, said Garcia de Leon.

"We saw a whole person, and never thought was sick. It's very hard to go back and break the news to their peers, talk with their child. When there is an accident, no logical explanation is more complicated then to explain to the family. It touched me to see someone die so strong unnoticed. Leaves a great reflection on what can happen, especially the value of life, we must know each other very well and learn to not take unnecessary risks, "explained Anaya.

Speaking of that, are you ready for more expeditions?

"Yes," replied laughing, "we will continue to escalate, I do not know which dates for I will be born a daughter in July, so I'll be busy. I have a list of remaining in Canada, Alaska and Bolivia, also I have an eye on the other eight thousand in the Himalayas. "

The expedition to McKinley was closely followed by through the portal, a community of enthusiastic climbers to climb Picacho del Diablo. Anaya had a chance to climb the highest point of Baja California with Picacheros, including Eduardo Martínez Palomera Angel, who completed seven peaks in May to successfully climb Mount Everest along with John Glenn and Rick Salter, who also completed seven peaks. Martinez spoke with ZETA from Queretaro about how his career was in the mountains.

"In 1996 a friend, engineer Benjamin Cortez (RIP), invited me to climb Picacho del Diablo. It helped me to train in nearby mountains and along with other friends did a peak in May of that year. I continued climbing that peak several years and in 2002 I invited some friends to climb Mount Whitney in California in 2003. I was with John Glenn and Rick Salter during a course in mountaineering to Mount Rainier in Washington. In 2004 we climbed Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba twice each It was when we decided to do the seven summits. "

- As for John and Rick, they decided to climb together? … Especially because it is not the first time, they did this.

"I invited them up to the peak in 2000, to Whitney and then decided together what followed. We are entrepreneurs and before we were friends, because together we took some courses in business administration. "

Martinez completed the circuit a year with the mountain: Aconcagua in 2005, then Elbrus, McKinley, Kilimanjaro, Vinson, Carstensz Pyramid and, finally, Everest in May this year.

"I would climb other mountains of over eight thousand meters in the Himalayas, but the risk is high and the family is not quite agreed. At the moment I am finishing a book on the Seven Summits, but I'm not climbing another mountain until decision next year. "

- Being a businessman, you consider the cost of the expeditions, climbing is tilted toward people of a certain economic or social status?

"You can say it is a limiting factor, but much of that scale there are sponsorship from companies or the government. Whoever wants to go can, "he said.

"It's a mistake to think we listen only with our ears. It's much more important to listen with the mind, the eyes, the body, and the heart. Unless you truly want to understand the other person, you'll never be able to listen." Mark Herndon


Adventure in life is good, consistency in coffee ☕ even better

Listening means paying attention. Rick Kolster, Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get to Work

Until tomorrow, listen to relaxing music - Music can have a powerful effect on your state. I'm sure there have been times when you heard a piece of music and suddenly you felt great.


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