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Good afternoon Followers, I wrote a book about four years ago and in the book this message has stood out in my everyday life. COLOR, I believe that all-purposes can exist and be shown through artful expression. We live in a world surrounded by and immersed in color. The relationship to the spiritual and physical nature can be thought to find emotion through it. We often dream this way, which may be an unconscious result of our thoughts. Maybe the color in our dreams represents hidden thoughts and memories such as fear, anxiety, love and joy. The point here is that I trust the emotional state of our lives can be expressed through art and just as significantly, color. You see an art to be born, and an art to die; An art to plant, and to pluck up that which is planted; An art to kill and an art to heal; An art to break down and an art to build up; An art to weep, and an art to laugh; An art to mourn and an art to dance; An art to cast away stones and an art to gather stones together; An art to embrace, and an art to refrain from embracing; An art to get, and an art to lose; An art to keep, and an art to cast away; An art to rend and an art to sew; An art to keep silence and an art to speak; An art to love, and an art to hate, an art of war, and an art of peace. WHAT IS YOUR JOURNEY OF LIFE? God created us with a body, a mind, and a soul. Each of us is granted these to use in a pure and earthly way. I have come to believe that being connected to my spiritual path, will finally show the purpose of my journey. The idea that spiritually our journey is unique to any one individual is incorrect. What is there to be discovered is the potential to realize that within us lies the canvas and the color to create an infinite universe of unbounded love and peace – in other words, our own masterpiece of art. For more go to the website


I’ve started shopping on line. As you read the blogs you will see some of the places that I have been shopping at. One of Dan’s and my challenge is to eat healthy and organic. I ordered some organic items on Amazon the other day, looking forward in the arrival. I was watching this program this morning, just because about giving forward. I thought how wonderful this is and thought what about using this concept on my blog. I have been sharing my experience with cancer with out surgery, chemo nor radiation, along with the after care and keeping healthy. I have shared my personal journey with pictures, knowledge and video’s. I thought now why not share some of my follower’s journey’s and their experiences with their stories. Love to hear from you, your family and friends. This will help others by inspiring to choose with their heart and not others. You can write or comment to me on e-mail: This morning I was wondering what I can do with this small one-person pan that I purchased a month ago. I thought it was much bigger- was I wrong. I came up with this idea, pizza breakfast. I can make individual omelets, which can be put on toasted bread with sauté onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Layered with some almond cheese.

Sounded good, now to put it together- INGREDIENTS: FOR TWO· Two eggs · Two pieces of gluten free bread · Small pepper · Small onion · Four whole mushrooms · Two slices of almond cheese · Olive oil · SPICES INSTRUCTIONS: You can make it your own by adding other of your favorites · Add a little bit of olive oil in a pan, then prepare the mushrooms, peppers and onions by slicing them and placing in the pan · While your sautéing the veggies, then crack two eggs and mix in a dish, · Mix spices of your choice in the eggs. Put in pan and cook both sides. · While the eggs are cooking, put two pieces of bread in an oven toaster cook both sides. · When done add the omelet on top of the toasted bread, topped with cheese and sautéed veggies · Stick back in the baking oven to melt the cheese on top. · READY TO EAT Until tomorrow have an awesome Friday. HAPPY EMPLOYEE APPRICATION DAY AND WOMEN DAY.

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