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Good morning to all,

Its Saturday, do you have anything planned? Dan and I are just going to stick close to home. The other day we received our buckwheat pancake mix from Amazon, it was Bob Mills brand. It took awhile to get here, I guess the reason was it came from Canada. It had English and French writing on it.

We all have our own voice, its within us. Why I’m saying this, is sometimes someone tells us something and we listen and act on it without listening

to our own voice within. I learned to go within and do what my heart says after researching and finding other ways that I feel more comfortable with. After all its you who will have to live with the decision. Make sure the decision is what is best for you.

I wrote these two articles some time back, but I thought it to be important to post again.



Everything has a voice, if we would just listen.

All speak! Do you know the language?

With our hearts we can hear the voice of all things.

Be still, feel your own heartbeat,

Be still, feel your beat with the ocean.

Then experience the wind, the rocks, the birds and the bugs.

This beat allows us to hear and learn the language of all things.

All things have life, be mindful of this.

Let us learn the language of life, the language of life that gives life.

As we live the language of life, we live a more abundant life.

Let all live, and have a more abundant life.

Let us learn the language of life.

For all creation has a language of life.

SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2015


Your mind is like a garden and with it your thoughts are seeds that are planted. Through knowledge you water the seeds and they become plants. The plants will grow and multiply with beautiful flowers while planning the future.

Our lives are somewhat like a plant; we start like a seed and form into a plant. What we feed ourselves is what type of flowers blossom. If we do not eat the proper foods, we can become weeds and die. Just close your eyes and picture this and think of the shapes and colors that make up the growth of your life.

I would like to see a garden full of different types of healthy flowers, but until then we need to educate ourselves on how to water it. Throughout my journey I have expressed my concerns on cancer treatments and what path I took. I also have researched and shared articles for prevention. As I share, I am also learning and healing my body. It’s all about your body, soul and mind. Check it out and start your garden with the right tools for growth and success.

Dan and I are very humble for the choices we made, due to listening to our inner voice and not just taking the doctor’s word. I can remember it clearly, like it was yesterday. When asked if there were any other types of treatments then surgery, chemo or radiation his reply was; it is what it is. If I gave up and did what he advised, the blog and I may not be here.

I was able to see my little girl get married, which was a dream come true to watch my daughter walk down the walkway with her father. It was prefect in so many ways and now I can watch my grandson grow. In two weeks, he will be two and we are looking forward in spending time with him this year.

Yes, our little girl is now a woman with a gift and love of art. Love to see her work in Target stores. I always told her to follow her heart and we are so very proud of her.

I wrote this, for my daughter inspires me and I treasure the memories of her growing up and being a wife, mother and art


Time flies by in a heartbeat, treasures slip through our fingertips.

My little girl all grown up with a family of her own, the new generation.

As she bonds with her little one, my little girl will fill the joy and love I have for her. A mother’s bond starts from the very beginning through the delivery and for years after. The heartbeat is felt and joined by both.

My little girl is all grown up but will always be my little one. Through my grandson

I can start a new journey with a new generation of memories to fill my mind of love and joy.

My little girl, motherhood is full of surprises and is worth so much. The wealth of watching your child grow up and create a new generation is far worth all the nights up and the bad with the good.

My little girl is all grown up and I am feeling old but enjoying beginning on this side looking at her beginnings.

My little girl, my how time flies by in a heartbeat, treasures slip through our fingertips. Be humble for every second counts.

These are our blessings; Dan and I are grateful to be able to watch our daughter and grandson grow up.

How do you share the blessings you have?

I’m so grateful for these little sayings came from a book that my daughter gave me for Christmas, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Through her, I’m able to share with you.

Until tomorrow, be safe.


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