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Try to be like the turtle at ease in your own shell.


Hello Followers,

Happy Saturday, most of you know that six years ago Dan and I bought a pet turtle when living in Mexico. When returning back to the United States, we had a long time thinking if we should leave Heckle behind with friends or even in the Guadalajara Zoo.

We decided to bring Heckle back with us and got him legal with all his papers. The veterinarian checked Heckle and she said he was fit to travel. If he could talk, I’m sure he would say, take me with you.

I’m glad we brought him back, I have learned so much from him. He’s slow and steady and wins the race every time. Since he doesn’t have to chase his food like other animals, he gets to enjoy life at a slower pace.

Heckle teachings are so beautiful. So very special. He teaches us that everything you are, everything you need and everything you bring to the world is inside you, not external, and you carry it with you, and are not limited to a place, space or time.

Turtles always strike me as devastatingly serious. If turtles could talk, I'd believe everything they said. By Erin O'Brien

Dan and I am learning more and more about Heckle while researching, turtles are able to talk and communicate. Did you know, the sounds that they make when they are mating are very distinctive, and not the kind of sounds you would expect a turtle to make. Those are also the sounds that you are the most probable to hear if you own a male and female turtle.

Like most animals’ turtles will usually make a sound when they are about to fight with another animal, or to intimidate them so they won’t have to fight them. Those sounds are kind of a combination of a hissing and heavy breathing.

Even though Heckle doesn’t use any kind of verbal communication he does have some form of silent communication. When it comes to communication with us there are not many universal things that he does.

Researchers say a lot of forms of communication with humans depend on the turtle itself and don’t depend on the turtle as a whole.

Due to my schedule, I take Heckle out of his tank and put him in his play area about 10 am. If I ‘m busy on the blog on a certain day and forget to take him out, sometimes he will start going over to the side of the tank that I take him out; stick his head out and wait.

When its time to go back in his home, the tank; Dan will beat a drum or I will clap and he will come right over for us to put him back in the tank.

Some times when we approach him fast, this is when he will hide in his shell; which usually means that he is scared or does not like something.

Although, Heckle is able to produce sounds, he does this very rarely. Mostly because he spends a lot of time alone so there is no need for him to communicate anything using sound. HE SMILES! This is how I know; we do a good job as his parents.

Do not let fear confine your life Inside a shell of doubt; A turtle never moves until His head is sticking out. By Charles Ghigna

Love to hear what type of pet you have and how you communicate with he/she! I love pictures, I welcome you to send a picture of he/she.

October Is Breast Cancer - Oct 8, 2015 - I posted this video on YOUTUBE

The best way to stop this disease is awareness and the first step to stop it is prevention. Our environment plays a big part when it comes to illness, so we need to look at it and educate our minds for change.

For example, seven months ago, I bought Heckle my turtle from this pet store in Chapala, Mexico. The attendant told me that Heckle will only last up to five months and gave me this little bowl for his living quarters. Certainly, these turtles last; so, I did some research and they will live up to seventy-five years. It’s the environment ~ where they live and how they live that makes a big difference. In small area’s they do not get enough exercise and it creates stress which causes short term life. It’s all about quality of life! I am going to prove that my turtle will last much longer with the bigger tank and love. I put a little dish in the tank with lettuce, this was intended for him to eat; however, every night when Dan and I turn off his overhead light for the tank he crawls inside and pulls the lettuce over him. This is much like we do when we sleep.

Our life is much like Heckle’s, our environment such as the foods we eat, the water we drink, products we use, the area we live in ~ chemicals in the air, lack of exercise and issues that causes stress.

We cannot change the outside surroundings of our homes and lives, but we can change what we do within them.

So, knowledge is power and the first prevention is to educate ourselves in that direction. Not all the time does donating money help the cause. Why do we need that to create a change and promote prevention? Its free to read and search the internet.


The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has stumbling blocks along the way and may go in more than one direction, it is traveled by belief, courage and conquered with a willingness to face challenges and take chances. By Barbara Cage

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. By Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The other day Dan and I practiced these steps on QIGONG FOR LOVE video. We loved doing it, the area where we are to laugh was contagious. Every time Dan laughed, I would laugh because of him.

Love is the frequency of joy, care, and connection. Qigong Flow in Love is designed to help you tune into the love that exists within you and expand your capacity to love. The routine uses the YOQI Six Phases of Qigong Flow method designed to purge old energy, activate your Middle Dantian, the heart center, and raise your internal love vibration.

You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company. By Diane Furstenberg


Start a reflection journal. You don’t have to write in it every day, but use it to get in touch with how you feel when you spend time alone. Do you feel recharged and productive? Or perhaps you’re nervous at first. Write all your thoughts and feelings down and look back on it every so often to see how far you’ve come.

Positive 10 Minute Guided Meditation

This 10-minute meditation will be guide you into a deep positive space. Give it a try, and let the positivity flow through you as you carry on with your day. Enjoy!

As I continue to be re-reading my book that I wrote four years ago; it’s a personal journey of my everyday experience with treatments that I received in Mexico. In relations to the current series of BELIEVING, entry from 6-28-11; UNDERSTANDING

Sometimes we see things not as they are but as we are; love brings understanding.


It’s impossible, said pride. It’s risky, said experience. It’s pointless, said reason. Give it a try, whispered the heart. It’s early in the morning and this message came to me. I fear no more for I have managed my disease. I trusted my heart to find another way to treat my illness other than cut, poison, and burn. I also realized without having cancer I would have not met these amazing people that have taught me so much about life and I would have never experienced Mexico and their culture.

Through taking a detour in the road, I have better knowledge and have tried to educate others on other ways to control diseases (Functional Medicine). Through my journey, I have been sharing my personal healing process in hopes that maybe your heart is whispering to you like it did me.

Through the knowledge that I have gained, I do not fear the unknown, I look past that and take each day with a grain of salt. The future will be full of experiences that will not be impossible for I took something bad and made it good. We all deserve to follow our hearts and choose our own journey, but first we have to research the unknown, Functional Medicine.

Research and you will find that life is not pointless. Your mind will grow full of hope and your journey will continue for many years.

To finish I must say that with our hearts we can change our fear of the unknown and give hope to our future. Enjoy the now, for the future depends on it.

This is the time to get ready for food and remedies that heal; alchemy of herbs. Are you ready for another recipe? This one sounds sweet! CHIA SEED PUDDING WITH CINNAMON MAPLE SYRUP-

Chia seeds are nutritious seeds that thickens when cooked in liquid, creating a pudding similar to tapioca. This is a simple desert. It also makes a great breakfast, especially topped with fresh fruit, it may seem strange to put the syrup in the bottom of the glass. But as you pour the chia seeds on top, the syrup naturally folds in throughout the glass.


1/3 cup of chia seeds

1 -13.5 oz can of coconut milk

7/8 cup of plain yogurt

2 tablespoons butter or coconut oil

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

¼ teaspoon ground cardamom

¼ cup maple syrup

Optional berries and nuts


1. Pudding – mix together the chia seeds, coconut milk, yogurt, and 7/8 cup water in a medium size glass container with lid.

2. Let sit, covered, in the fridge for 3 to 5 hours or overnight. When done it should have thickened like pudding like consistency.

3. Store in the fridge and eat within 48 hours.

4. Syrup- melt the butter or oil in a small sauce pan.

5. Add the cinnamon and cardamom bend.

6. Poor equal amounts of syrup into four small jars or cups.

7. Fill the cups with chia seed pudding, layer as you add the pudding

8. Optional add berries or nuts on top


Last but not least, yesterday’s walk was around our house. Enjoying the area and a stop at the coffee ☕ shop. As I was walking, this sign caught my eye. Did you take your walk today❓ This may help!

1 Mile Walk | Walk at Home

Our bodies are meant to MOVE! Give yourself a healthy gift by walking 1 mile! This workout is from Walk with The Ball.


We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten. #remember#days#moments#richness#life#memories#forgotten#inspiration#motivational

Until Sunday, it's okay to play turtle for a while, as long as you don't get too fond of your shell. Just remember, if a problem looks difficult, relax. If it looks impossible, relax even more. Then begin encouraging small changes, putting just enough pressure on yourself to move one turtle step forward. Then rest, savor, celebrate. Then step again. You’ll find that slow is fast, gentle is powerful, and stillness moves mountains.

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