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One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of milestones.


Hello Followers,

Happy week-end!

For all you fathers out there, tomorrow is your day.

We often take dad’s for granted, so its nice to have a day of appreciation for all the hard work they do.

Being a dad creates milestones, which makes life real.

So, often they judge their existence by the things that happen, by whether things are going their way or not.

Sometimes they feel strong enough to dictate their future.

Sometimes they feel that they can make things happen.

Then there are times when they feel totally helpless.

But through all the dramas and bumps, there is life.

There is the very powerful, very existence of every single dad.

These are stepping stones toward milestones.

Now, let’s continue with exploring the 12th experience that we all experience and that is, making a major purchase.

Once you’ve saved up enough of those paychecks, you can make your first major purchase.

It might be a brand-new car or a flat-screen TV.

Later on, you might make the decision to buy your very own home.

Those major purchases, especially your first one; are big milestones because they indicate a level of financial independence.

You’re no longer dependent on others to get the things you want and need, and you can start making even more of your own decisions in life.

Do you remember your first big purchase?

I remember after high school, I decided to go to a vocational school and take a course as a Medical Assistance.

Even though it was a nine-month course, it would cost $1,000.00 dollars.

Working at Winn Dixie part-time as a cashier and going to school full time.

Even though I made payments monthly, I had to wait almost a year until it was paid in full before receiving my diploma.

On the other hand, Dan’s first big purchase was a car.

It was a 1957 Chevy and was $250.00 dollars.

He bought it from a state trooper and he told him that it goes real fast.

It had a racing engine and his eye will be on him.

Do not speed!

He was working part-time at Squire’s Inn as a dishwasher and going to high school.


It’s the 18th day of June, Dan and I thought on continuing this segment with the series with some fun; What is it about June that’s so significant during this month?

International Picnic Day – June 18, 2022

Dan and I are using this day to celebrate with a picnic!

In Virginia, we are surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and there are several public parks; as well as state parks.

We love going to walks among the trees.

So, we make it a day by walking and picnicking.

Picnics have been a staple of most cultures for years and, believe it or not; their popularity can be traced directly to the French Revolution.

Everyone’s definition of a picnic might be different, but it’s a great way to bring people together for an enjoyable day.

For many across the world, picnics are a relaxing change of pace from their daily lives.

However, the picnic as we know it today didn’t exist until the French Revolution, as public parks finally became available.

Although the French are credited with the creation of modern picnics, globalization and individual cultures are responsible for their grand popularity.

In 2018, 55% of young Americans said having a picnic was their favorite warm-weather activity.

And also, International Sushi Day – June 18, 2022

This day is the perfect excuse to tuck into the Japanese specialty.

Sushi has become a global phenomenon over the past 30 years or so after struggling to find a foothold in the west in the beginning.

Raw fish didn’t initially sound appetizing to all cultures but we eventually realized that we were wrong and now we can’t get enough of it.

It’s time to sharpen up your chopstick technique and treat yourself for International Sushi Day.

To find the origins of sushi we must look at a dish called narezushi.

Narezushi is salted fish stored in fermented rice for months at a time.

Southeast Asia and Japan both had their own version of the dish, the rice was discarded and the fish was eaten.

This was the first iteration of sushi and was seen by the Japanese as an important source of protein.

Dan and I discovered that our local organic grocery store, Earth Fare; has fresh sushi on Wednesdays for $5.00 dollars.

So, we will be postponing this International Sushi Day for next Wednesday.

Time is precious and is priceless, so Dan and I will continue each day to pull from a box of 365 inspirational quotes; one quote and share with you.

Today is:


Continuing from last year the series on LIVING SUCCESSFULLY WITH SCREWED-UP PEOPLE, by Elizabeth B. Brown.

Dan and I continue to share ways to benefit and help keep one’s health cells healthy.

A wise man told me ten years ago, when one is in balance with themselves; one stays healthy.

For more information click on book



Ø Different doesn’t have to be wrong.

Ø Don’t waste time trying to change, different – appreciate it.

Tomorrow, Chapter 17; WHEN YOU WANT TO HELP

Help isn’t doing it for someone; it’s holding a hand while he or she does it.

This week Dan and I have been blogging on the herb; ASHWAGANDHA and the benefits.

It’s amazing what and how ashwagandha can help keep your body healthy?

Ashwagandha can actually reduce inflammation.

Ashwagandha contains compounds, including WA, that may help reduce inflammation in the body.

Researchers have found that WA targets inflammatory pathways in the body, including signal molecules called nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) and nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2).

Animal studies have shown that WA may also help reduce levels of inflammatory proteins such as interleukin-10 (IL-10).

There’s some evidence that ashwagandha helps reduce inflammatory markers in humans too.

In one study from 2008, adults experiencing stress took ashwagandha extract for 60 days.

As a result, they had significant reductions in C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker; compared with those who consumed a placebo.

In another study, researchers gave people with COVID-19 an Ayurvedic drug containing 0.5 grams of ashwagandha and other herbs twice per day for 7 days.

This reduced participants’ levels of inflammatory markers CRP, IL-6, and TNF-α compared with a placebo.

The treatment formulation also contained:

1 gram of giloy ghanvati (Tinospora cordifolia)

2 grams of swasari ras (a traditional herbo-mineral formulation)

0.5 grams of tulsi ghanvati (Ocimum sanctum)

NOTE; ashwagandha helps reduce inflammatory markers in the body.

However, more research is needed.

The PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, and Qigong.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.


Until Father’s Day, there will always be rocks in the road ahead of us.

They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.

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