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Good day Thursday,

Wow, this week is going fast! As Dan and I continue to research and educate our viewers on the biggest health problem in this decade, time ticks by. We are in the midst of this corona virus; however, we are also in the midst of a slow-moving death called pollution. If you have been following my blog, you can see why Dan and I are so passionate about sharing this information. It is a serious topic that has to be addressed or it can be the end of us.

Air pollution is terrible for our children. Every single scientist, every single doctor will tell you the same thing: Air pollution damages our children's brains, their hearts, and their lungs.

Pollution is one of the biggest issues that we as a society face today. The everyday deteriorating environment is a big challenge for humans. The mixing of any harmful substance or pollutants in our natural environment is called pollution.

It is due to human activity; many contaminators get introduced in the natural environment thereby polluting it to harmful levels. There are many reasons why pollution occurs and one of the major one is urbanization.

When any contaminating substance is added in our environment and pollutes our natural resources it is called pollution. There are many reasons for pollution and human beings are responsible for most of it. Our activities have depleted our natural resources and our natural habitat.

One of the main reasons of human pollution is urbanization. When human beings started establishing cities and industrialization began, then the level of pollution started increasing. The harsh reality of urbanization is that many beautiful valleys, mountains, hills stations and forests have been converted into vessels of pollution. The needs of human beings kept on increasing day by day and to satisfy those needs we exploited our mother earth. Trees were cut down; rivers and lakes were contaminated and natural reserves were misused.

Visual pollution is more poisonous than any other pollution because it kills the soul.

There are Various Levels at which Urban Pollution is happening like:

Types and Causes of Urban Pollution

Air Pollution: The air in the urban areas is always polluted with harmful substances and it is becoming hazardous day by day to breathe. The air in the cities is choking. The smoke from automobiles, factories and power generators make the air unhealthy. There are other factors also like chemical spills and other toxic gases that contaminate the air.

Water Pollution: As it is there are very less natural water sources in the urban areas and the ones that are there are getting increasingly polluted. There is a lot of disposal in the lakes and rivers like household & industrial disposal. A lot of waste gets mixed with rain and washed into the waters.

Soil Pollution: The mixing of toxins in the soil is disturbing the eco-system.

Noise Pollution: Urban areas are one of the noisiest ones. Various sources of noise pollution include traffic noises, loud-speakers and other unwanted noises cause many health issues.

Radioactive Pollution: The accidental leakage by nuclear power plants poses a big threat.

Visual Pollution: The over exposure of visuals in the cities in the form of signs, billboards, screens, high intensity lights etc. are also quite disturbing.

Other than these there is also ‘Thermal pollution’ that is caused by excessive amount of heat trapped in earth’s atmosphere.

If a whole lot gets out there will be very serious pollution, if it comes ashore it will kill a lot of things that it contacts.

The result today is that we live in highly polluted cities where day to day life is becoming increasingly tuff. We face many health issues due to this urban pollution and the worst part is that we do not even realize that. It is high time that we must now adopt ways to curb this pollution and create a better world for our future generations.

The various means of pollution in urban areas can lead to many health issues in the people living in cities. We are everyday exposed to more than one of these health issues sources.

The need of free space to build roads, buildings and bridges made a massive deforestation happen. The trees were cut down, the fields were cleared and space was created to accommodate the ever-rising population. It is a no-brainer that cutting of trees is a major reason of pollution. The high density of population created a lack of everything like space, natural resources like water, coal.

The interaction of urban population with environment caused some serious problems. The consumption patterns and the lifestyle of urban population changed the environment massively. The urban population consumes more food, energy and water. The air in urban areas is much more polluted than the rural ones. This is mainly because of the use of automobiles and building up of industries and factories that pollute the air at an increasing rate.

Almost everything that we use works on electricity. The need for electricity in the cities is always rising and to meet that more power plants are build and that pollutes the air.

The lakes, rivers and any other water bodies in urban areas is always polluted by the dump of industrial waste and sewage. The marine life faces a lot of danger.

We cannot ignore that noise pollution is one of the major causes of stress related issues in urban population. More and more trees are cut down to meet the needs of urban people and in exchange very less tress are planted. The use of plastic is another major reason of degradation of environment.

Studies show that urbanization is one of the major causes of depleting natural resources. We are constantly damaging our mother earth and the result is high pollution levels in the cities and towns. It is not possible to reverse the damage that we have already done but we can surely take some preventive measures and control the further damage. It is high time that we take some serious steps to save our planet and leave a better tomorrow.

The advancement of technology and industrialization has caused the rapid growth in our lifestyle. Long back we started developing cities that are well equipped with all the facilities. The process of urbanization created a big dent in the health of our environment. The natural resources were depleted and this excessive use of technology and energy became a major source of pollution and today we live in a world that is highly polluted and unfit living.

The pollution (that) resulted from human activity may have created a haze which absorbs and deflects the sun's rays.

Pollution Caused by Urbanization

There is various pollution that are caused by urbanization like air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, thermal pollution, global warming, deforestation.

It is high time that now we must adopt ways and means by which we can improve the health of the environment.

There is a Number of Solutions that we can apply and create a Better Tomorrow.

Solutions and Prevention of Urban Pollution

Conserve Energy: The urban area’s people always use more energy than the rural area’s people. The consumption of energy causes various kinds of pollution. Saving energy wherever possible is one of the best ways to curb pollution. Turn off the electrical appliances when they are not being used. This small step can help in a big way.

Use less water: We waste a lot of water daily and this can lead to bad consequences. We must try and use as less water as possible



Good morning Thursday 🌞 As I pour my coffee this morning this comes to mind. To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perception. Have a wonderful day 😁

Plant more trees: The urban areas are the ones that have less greeneries. Try to plant many trees and vegetation as much as possible in your surrounding areas. Kitchen garden and small lawn near home is a good idea.

Green belts: Government can help and declare some areas in every city as green belts so that trees and other plants can be grown there without any obstruction.

Use less loudspeakers: The minimum use of loud speakers can reduce the noise pollution a lot. Decreasing the volume of music at functions after a certain time is also a good move.

Indoors: The indoors of the homes are also highly polluted in cities. We must have some plants inside the homes also, that can filter the indoor polluted air.

Industrial waste: The factory owners must try and make possible that industrial waste is not dumped in the lakes or rivers. Government can also make laws for the same.

Say no to plastic: Plastic is one of the most harmful substances that can pollute air, water and soil all together. We must try and minimize the use of plastic as much as possible. Use just cloth bags instead of plastic.

Use Public transport: Avoid using cars and bikes for daily use. Try to use public transport, bicycle and car pools. This will not only curb air pollution but will also decrease the traffic on roads.

Walk: Try to go to nearby areas on foot i.e. walking, this will reduce pollution and will also improve your health.

Better garbage disposal: Use the structural methods of garbage disposal in cities.

A small step can help in a big way and contribution of every citizen will make the urban areas more livable. Following these simple steps and with a little help from the government, we can definitely reduce the city pollution a lot. If we do not wake up today and do not realize the worst condition of natural resources then after some time our future generations will not be able to survive, it’s for to enjoy the environment.

Since we got back to the states, Dan and I have kept in touch with our friends in Mexico. We made it our second home and made some wonderful friends. This dish is in honor of them, for we miss them.

SHERRY'S MEXICAN-AMERICAN BRUNCHES, I love combining the different cultures and with different ingredients making it a unique dish each time.

INGREDIENTS FOR TWO): eggs, olive oil, mushrooms, peppers, onion, tomatoes, avocado, lemon, spices, refried beans, potatoes, blue corn chips.

El que nace para tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas.

If you’re born to be a tamale, the leaves will fall from the sky.

Meaning: If it’s meant to be, it will happen for you. I like to think of this proverb more like if you make a decision, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

You might not believe this, but once you start doing what you’re supposed to, things just suddenly fall into place. I’ve seen it happen.


1. Add some olive oil in a frying pan. Then after chopping mushrooms, onions and peppers up, stick them into the pan and sauté.

2. As the vegetables are sautéing; in a bowl, chop some onions and tomatoes.

3. Next take two avocados and split them down the middle, which you can scoop the insides with a spoon. Save the shells of the avocadoes for later. Place in the bowl with the onions and tomatoes.

4. Chop finely, then add your spices and squeeze some lemon juice. Mix until all blend together to make guacamole.

5. As you are doing this the vegetables should be done.

6. Take them out of the pan and place in a bowl.

7. For extra side dish, chop some potato’s up and add a little of olive oil in the same pan that you took the vegetables out of.

8. Cook until they are golden brown.

9. Next take the potatoes out and place them on a dish.

10. Then beat two eggs up in a bowl and add spices of your liking, place in the same pan with a little bit of olive oil and cook both sides of the omelet.

11. Next add the can of refried beans to the pan and cook until warm.

12. Half two create two omelets, place them on dishes, then add the vegetable’s on top of them.

13. Place the potatoes on the side of the dish next the omelet.

14. With the avocado shells, place the guacamole spread into each one and place on the dish. Add some blue corn chips on top.

15. Once the beans are done, place also on the dish.

Are you ready to eat! Dan and I are.

You can make this dish with or without the potatoes. Also, you can add fruit for a change up.

Until tomorrow, if ever we had proof that our nation's pollution laws aren't working, it's reading the list of industrial chemicals in the bodies of babies who have not yet lived outside the womb.


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