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Good morning,

Today is Dan and my 30th day of hunkering down and when I woke up, I found spring gone. Its 39 degrees outside in Virginia, winter is back. I have a coat rack near the front door that have coats of all layers. For everyday it’s a different type of weather. The other day, it was breezy, but just a sweater kind of day. What will tomorrow bring?

The saying; If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart. I learned this at an early age. I remember my father always telling my sisters and me that; if you are going to do something, do at 100%. This always stuck with me and during the years at my jobs, it was done at 100%. Even, one of my supervisors told me that and I think outside the box. I always done things different by thinking outside the box, maybe this is why I’m doing this blog.


Today, I’m going to talk about how to keep our immune system strong during this corona virus outbreak. I’m not a doctor; however, in doing research, these are my findings. Dan and I are cancer survivors are very passionate of spreading ways to live a quality of life.

By stimulating the immune system early on and keeping inflammation in check, it may be possible to control the virus before the cytokine storm and resulting inflammation renders a person critical. Natural antiviral substances may inhibit the ability of Covid-19 to replicate and strengthen the body’s defenses against the virus.

For example, grape seed extract, a rich source of polyphenols, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. NAC helps to reduce inflammation in bronchial tubes and lung tissue. CoQ10 is immunomodulator. Sulforaphane, colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, monolaurin, and lysine have anti-viral properties that may be helpful against Covid-19. There are supplements that are out there that can keep immune systems strong. A good multivitamin, adequate vitamin D (discontinue if symptoms present), zinc, selenium, probiotics, mushroom extracts, beta glucans (discontinue if symptoms present), vitamin C, elderberry and astragalus. This will help slow down the speed at which pathogens replicate and mutate. Zinc and chaga mushroom inhibit the ability of virus to reproduce and spread. Magnesium, fish oil, vitamin E and curcumin are also natural anti- inflammatory. Before using any supplements, I recommend checking with your doctor. Dan has heart issues and therefore, some of the supplements are not so great for him due to his condition.

Now, if you have the corona virus, certain supplements could help inhibit the virus and calm the inflammatory cytokine storm. First, what is the cytokine storm? Cytokines are inflammatory molecules that can spin out of control with Covid-19 and the immune reaction gone wild. A product called Cytokine Suppress offers both EGCG that helps to control levels of inflammatory cytokines and balance the inflammatory response. I highly recommend you to research, if you know someone or you have the virus. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

With Covid-19, at first the immune system fails to respond effectively to the virus, then the immune response becomes too aggressive and floods the body with cytokines. The surge of cytokines damages blood vessels and allows fluids to seep into the lungs, filling them up, making it difficult for one to breathe.

The hyperactive immune response, often referred to as a cytokine storm, causes the lungs to stop delivering oxygen to the rest of the organs, leading to respiratory failure, and in some cases death.

Researchers are working hard at finding drugs that suppress the cytokine storm. Steroids have been used to treat patients, but with mixed results—they help some and increasing the risk of death in others.

Tocilizumab (Actemra), a rheumatoid arthritis drug, is also being studied. Actemra is an IL-6 inhibitor that might help fend off the severe lung inflammation that hits some patients. With $25 million in backing from the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), Swiss drug maker Roche will speed up Actemra’s phase 3 trial in COVID-19.

However, with every drug there are side effects and should be researched if one is thinking about using them. My goal is to report on options to handle the issue, your job is to research and make a decision that best suits your situation.

Substances that May Calm the Cytokine Storm: Curcumin, Resveratrol, Luteolin, Green Tea, Mung Bean Extract, Quercetin, Apigenin (found in parsley, celery and chamomile), Boswellia (frankincense). Pterostilbene, Magnesium, fish oil (as well as other essential fatty acids such as evening primrose and flax seed oil, Cat’s claw, Vitamins C, E, and K, Broccoli Sprouts, Oats, Astaxanthin, Beets (Betaine), Anthocyanins, Ginger, Probiotics, Grapeseed extract and CoQ10.

Supplements to Avoid if You Have Covid-19 Symptoms: It is important to know that some supplements, while excellent for prevention, should be avoided if symptoms are presented. Such as, vitamin D which can activate the inflammatory cascade which characterizes and contributes to acute symptomatic Covid-19 infection. Another supplement is Elderberry extracts, this may help to prevent the early stage of corona virus infections, which includes COVID-19. Elderberry contains compounds which decrease the ability of viruses to infect cell. However, as a part of its immune supportive actions, elderberry increases immune cell release of tiny chemicals called cytokines. Specifically, elderberry increases the release of a cytokine called IL-1B which is a part of the inflammatory reaction to COVID-19 that can result in acute respiratory distress. Also, mushroom extracts can act as immunomodulators that appear to reduce inflammation and regulate the cytokine response. On the other hand, beta glucans, lentinan, and other isolated polysaccharides such as modified citrus pectin tend to increase the inflammatory cytokine response and virulence of Covid-19 and may need to be avoided during viral infection.

Vitamin D

Elderberry and astragalus (mixed info on these two)

Beta Glucans (isolated polysaccharides)

Modified Citrus Pectin

Coriolis and Turkey Tail Mushroom

Any other supplements that activate the immune cell cytokine response

The verdict is still out, there is so much that we do not know about this virus. The researchers and scientist are still learning about the cause, findings and treatments to keep this under control.

Here are 5 cute and easy yarn craft ideas you can try. Its colorful and easy to create with simple supplies.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day.


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