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Keep fueling the power in you before it stops burning.

Hello followers,

Happy Monday!

Feeling the Monday Blues?

You are not alone in this.

Millions of people feel the same way you do.

So, how do you deal with it?

What have you achieved lately that you can be proud of?

Do you see your power in doing so and that anything is possible?

There are ways to effectively deal with the Monday Blues so you can start your week off on the right foot!

One of them is do not think about them.

Other ways: get some sunlight, listen to music, prioritize your health on the weekend, eat, look forward to good things, realize it will be over soon.

Remember, everything that starts must end.

It is the same with Monday Blues.

It is just the morning that you are usually most affected.

Just tell yourself it is not permanent.

It is just a phase and, as with everything else, it will go away.

It happens on Monday, and it is just for a few hours.

Before you know it, it will be over.

Do not dwell on it.

Create your own dominant thought that masters your mind.

The Monday Blues need not own you and you need not fear them.

The more attached you are to the concept, the worse it will affect you.

Resilience may be stifled if you don’t see the good that you have to offer, the tools you have around you, the people you can count on, and the opportunities available to you.

If you decide to keep going, find some reassurance in knowing that you can be imperfect and still follow your path and make a difference.

What decisions have you made lately where you were not afraid?

Are you trusting or living in fear?

Think about the ways you have succeeded in life already, what you have to give, and use that as a shield.

See what you are around, and that can make you realize that despite struggle and hardship, you have this.

You can do this.

You can master this.

As the poem, Invictus by William Ernest Henley goes, “I am the captain of my soul.”

If you are struggling, remember that others would easily trade places with you.

It does not mean that the road you walk is not difficult.

It just means that you should appreciate what you have before it is too late.

Nothing can shake you if you know what you have.

That is truly how you find some meaning in life, no matter what.

That is how you let in the joy.

This new year Dan and I will be continuing the book, Ten-Minute Relaxation, For Mind and Body by Jennie Harding, until the end.

Whenever you are feeling under pressure, ten minutes is all you need to relax totally, using tools that are always with you; your senses.

This book is packed full of wonderfully simple ideas and exercises for using sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch and that vital sixth sense of intuition to rebalance your energies and bring you back into harmony with the natural world around you.

Identify your favorite sensory relaxation solutions and combat that stress!

Per Dan and my experience this is another component in keeping ourselves healthy, meditation.

By using your five senses, you can learn to relax in just ten minutes.



Continuing from yesterday, there are many forms of music to choose from; classical, jazz, folk, traditional, modern, rock, electronic, all of which affect the listener in different ways.

However, if you want to listen to music for a particularly relaxing and de-stressing effect, it is very hard to beat classical composers like Johann Sebastian Bach.

Bach’s music is astonishing in its perfection.

The sounds he has created are within a frequency band that is perfect for bringing about a calming and clarifying effect.


As Dan and I start a new year; we will be posting daily 365 morning meditations for joyful days all year long.

The book is SUNRISE GRATITUDE by Emily Silva.

January 23rd

WAKING UP FROM A DREAM can be a wonderful thing.

Our dreams are portals into our subconscious, and upon waking we have a chance to capture what we experienced in sleep.

This morning, think about the dreams you just had and write them down.

Notice any clues they may have for you.

We do not have to wait until sleep to live in a dream.

If you want something, act today.

Every small step leads to change.

The PHRASE TO REMEMBER; Health is Wealth.

We stand by this and continue to do daily; walk, meditation, and Qigong.

If you would like to follow with us; hash tag words #walk, #meditation #Qigong on the right of the main blog page.

Until Tuesday, sometimes it is a good feeling to take things for granted as you feel part of a routine, or it gives you a sense of belonging to a person.

But to keep surviving in that comfort zone, never take things for granted.

Not appreciating your blessings can lead you to lose them forever.


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