January's 2020 NEWSLETTER

As we approach the year 2020, Dan and I wish you all a joyful, peaceful, healthy new year and more laughter. The past year was full of excitement for we moved from another country (Mexico) and then from another state (Florida). Two moves in one and relocated in Virginia. We are slowly regrouping, which brings me to this blog and website. I have been working on several projects to keep current with research and also adding products to stay with the demand of the future; on line buying. As a person that wanted to be an educator of survival and to be able to celebrate life, I created personal video’s for inspiration. Life is full of color and I wanted to express this through my life and share m


Dan and I wish you all a happy holiday. THE STAR ON TOP OF THE CHRISTMAS TREE The star on top of the Christmas tree, as you look up in the sky, we see the bright twinkling star shinning down which in nature is on top of every tree. The past six years, Dan and I have been exploring a whole new life. Moving to Mexico, taught us in so many ways. We were able to keep healthy at the same time exploring another country. This was our escape from cancer. Healing our body, heart and soul in this magical world full of wonderful people we met. The star on my Christmas tree followed me to a whole new way of life. I learned the culture, the beauty of the land, but most of all the stars that you see

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