What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine? Functional Medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the bio-chemically unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance. Functional Medicine focuses on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs, and the genetic predispositions that influence health and disease so that interventions are focused on treating the cause of the problem, not just masking the symptoms. There are seven basic principles underlying functional medicine which include the following: Scien


Sheryl's LIFESTYLE CHANGE CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE, CHANGE YOUR HEALTH Like everyone else, before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I ate what looked good and was available to me in the super market. Through my amazing doctors in Mexico, I learned not only how to control my cancer but how to change my lifestyle and make a healthier me. I am humbled to be able to speak my mind and show my challenges that I have faced. This article you may not agree on, but just humor me for a bit. I felt compelled to write on the subject of food for it will be the death of us if we do not do something about it. Through my experience and research, I have found that it is true what we put in our


Sherry has been preaching since she was diagnosed with cancer that it all begins with the foods that we eat. We are never told that what we see on commercials or in the supermarket that most are not good for us. This is why we end up with heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Sherry has been eating organic and healthier as part of her lifestyle for the good, over five years and do not sacrifice any food group, just educate herself on substituting for the bad stuff. A good lifestyle is to stay away from processed sugars and wheat for cancer feeds on these items. To avoid ~ however in a later post she will show how you can eat items that are bad by making them good. You should eliminate all pr

Dendritic cell (DC)

Dendritic cell (DC) therapy, also called dendritic cell vaccine. Dendritic cell (DC) therapy, also called dendritic cell vaccine. This is a newly emerging and potent form of immunotherapy used to treat cancer conditions. In the case of cancer, dendritic cell therapy is an immunotherapy that harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer. The dendritic cell itself is an immune cell whose role is the recognition, processing, and presentation of foreign antigens to the T-cells in the effector arm of the immune system. Although dendritic cells are potent cells, they are not usually present in adequate quantity to allow for a potent immune response. Dendritic cell therapy involves the har

Hyperthermia Perfusion

Hyperthermia perfusion: The concept for hyperthermia perfusion is to warm up the patient’s blood slowly up to 42-43 degree Celsius, which is Fahrenheit 107.6 degrees Celsius (42) or 109.4 C (43). This is like having a mild fever. This procedure is continued for anywhere from one hour to two hours. This depends on the patient’s homodynamic stability and blood gas results. The flow is a very low flow, around 30 to 80 ml/min. A high flow is not necessary, just as long as it is continuous. A linear flow is better. This is done by providing a constant low flow at a warm temperature. The patient is awake and this enables the perfusionist and the doctor, who are both present during the entire proce


Every day we`re in contact with potentially harmful substances which can be serious threat for our health, without being aware of that. We rely on the labels to ensure that the product we use is safe. Sometimes, we do not even know the meaning of the ingredients listed on those labels. Here is a list of 12 different products can cause cancer: Talcum Powder ( John & Johnson. Inc.) Labeled Toxic Ingredient: Talc- potential cause for ovarian cancer and lung irritation. Cover Girl Replenshing Natural Finish Make Up ( Foundation) ( Procter & Gamble. Inc.) Labeled Toxic Ingredients: TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA), In interaction with nitrites forms carcinogenic nitrosamines. LANOLIN, frequently contam


Both Dan and I are personally committed to educate and spread our knowledge on functional medicine. We both were treated for cancer as an inpatient as well as an outpatient in Mexico. Our preference is as an outpatient for the care is more personal than an inpatient facility. Recently Dan and I have been ADVOCATES of a facility that both of us recommend highly. The care is outstanding; I would rate it a ten for the personalized and professional care which meets up to all the standards of functional medicine. The director takes an individual approach to one’s needs and specializes a program to your medical issues. The uniqueness far out shines any other program. They provide multi-therapi

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