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Organic cold press seed drinks. Shake, tear, drink. Detox and boost your immune system. Great for children as well as the adults. https://www.thejourneytogoodhealth.com/shop


Cold and flu season is upon us, boost your immune system up with some SOUL. Organic cold press seed drink great for young as well as the old. Just shake, tear and drink. Great for if you are on the run.


THE JOURNEY TO GOOD HEALTH, WELLNESS, NUTRITION NATURE'S POWERHOUSE: The entire plant is contained within a seed before it sprouts. Not coincidentally, seeds, contain the most from of nutrients and are the foundation of all of our products at Rain International. ​Rain preserves the powerful benefits of seed through a cold press process that uses the whole seed to make its nutrition more palatable and efficacious. This process is minimal, gentle, and doesn't subject the seeds to chemicals or high heat which can weaken its nutritive effects. The result is a maximum concentration of nutrition, including antioxidants, Phyto steroids, essential fatty acids, phospholipids, and dissolved m

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