Hello Fall, this time of the year is Dan's and my favorite. The festivals start, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is also when the leaves change up North. For the first time in my life I will be enjoying the seasons for I grew up in Florida and there it doesn't show the true seasons, just the sunny beaches. I'm going to start with something that is very passionate to me and that is Breast Cancer Awareness. October is when you see pink all over the place and companies step up and advertise Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are pros and cons on this very subject. If you have been following me for almost nine years, I feel its all about prevention. Its regarding a lifestyle


Hello, hope all had a pleasant month of August. Some areas have been soaking in hot weather. Dan and I have been very humble for we just moved back to the United States in the Virginia area. Most of you know that we have been living in Mexico near the Guadalajara area. We did not have neither electric heat nor air. Before that we lived in Florida where the humidity was high, so we are blessed to be in an area that so far isn't too bad. This month I'm focusing on the topic of sleep. The best approach is to match your sleep times to your physiological rhythms and get the seven to nine hours of sleep that you need regularly. There are optimal windows of opportunity, starting with a bedtim

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