THE SEED The most important subject to keeping healthy is the word SEED. All living greens and fruits start with the seed. This is where we get all our nutrients value from and we throw the best part away. We eat the fruit or the vegetables, but spit the seed out. Most of us are guilty of this, even I am. Just think of how many organic seeds are wasted, which could of helped boost your immune system up and help fight issues that you might of faced or are facing. There are seeds that could of or can help detox your liver and body to keep you from any diseases. I am dedicating this November newsletter to just that, THE SEED and how important it works with healing your body naturally. F


PLANTING A SEED Planting a seed is my intention for starting this newsletter. As I sit and conjure my thoughts, a question comes to mind. If you could have your cake and eat it too--would you? There are two sides to every coin, as there are to every story. There are dark moments and moments of inspiration. There is love, along with sheer terror. Hope and education are what I am trying to provide. In the end, what is life without them? This newsletter is for finding inspiration when it is lost. Dan and I are neither a doctor, nor have the experience of one, but we are both survivors of cancer who feared for our lives. This is not about what is right or wrong; it is about educating ourselves

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